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Creative Product professional, with solid foundation in Product management, Design and Research. I am a firm believer of fusing skills and know-how from various fields to create Breakthrough solutions. Extensive experience innovating across various mediums such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Mobile Services, Hardware Devices. 

Passionate about applying Design and Technology to create a positive impact on people's lives.  At Microsoft, I developed new methods and models to quantify Tangible  UX (touch, haptics). At Nokia, I led the design of a innovative mobile disease surveillance solution to track the spread of communicable diseases, and independently consulted on research for management of Diabetes in India. You can find my Health focused portfolio here.

I also love to work on Tangible mediums and tinker with things (included below)

Based in India 2020 - Present & Shenzhen, China 2012-2020


Here are some of my selected Professional and Personal works.


League of Legends: VR Livestreaming (2017)

Directed the User Experience for Tencent's eSports livestreaming service for Virtual Reality.  

Design Methods for Virtual Reality: Process Design

Design Approach I developed to help translate designer's skills from 2D thinking to 3D Virtual Reality.

Direct-Simulated Design on Platforms (DSDP): Strategy

Developed a Design method to enhance Quality and Development efficiency for Virtual Reality


HealthRadar: Nokia's Disease tracking tool

Led the UX and Service design for Nokia's innovative tool. Managed the Pilot in rural India.  

UX for Ministation: China's 1st mainstream Android Console

Directed User Expericne for Tencent's first Android Game console that uses a phone as a controller. 

Microsoft Universal Foldable keyboard: Device UX

Led the User Research in China to quantify and define the Typing, OOBE User Experience.


What if you ignored a Book for Long?

Concept of a Book that lights up if ignored for long. Prototyped the Electroluminescence bookcover.

Book of Sounds: a speaker in each page

Made paper speakers with conductive patterns that would play sounds when external audio source is plugged in.

BioSonic: a plant capable of emitting sounds

Inspired by stories of "Talking plants" in Indian mythology, I created a prototype that could emit sounds when probed

Career Vision (CV)

Seeker of fulfilling challenges - especially in fields offering a fair amount of ambiguity. Having lived and worked for 10 years in Shenzhen (china), I am currently based in India, since 2020- learning new models of Innovation at lightning fast speeds. So far I have worked across diverse fields-  Mobile Health, GamingVirtual Augmented Reality and ofcourse Hardware. My works have generated numerous Research publications and patents applications worldwide.

  • Sr. Product Manager, Tencent,

    VR/AR Experiences,

    Jul 2015-Oct 2020

    Leading a team of 8 designers and visual technologists to create Experiences on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and Smart Devices.
    Delivered numerous VR/AR experiences as part of Look forward strategy giving Management an early glimpse of future applications. 
    Developed timeboxed processes between Designers and Engineering to achieve measurable time and resource savings.

  • UX Researcher II, Microsoft,

    Device Experiences,

    Sep 2012-Jul 2015

    Led a team of researchers focused on Microsoft Surface hardware experience.
    Developed new methods to quantify user experiences on Hardware.
    Delivered great UX on: Surface Type keyboard, Surface Miracast Adapter, Ergonomic Keyboards and Surface accessory Apps. 

  • Sr. Researcher, Nokia,

    Mobile Experiences,

    May 2008-Sep 2012

    Led a variety of Design and Research oriented projects- most notably HealthRadar: Nokia's innovative mobile disease surveillance tool for developing countries.
    Designed & delivered Indian language input system for Nokia phones, Piloted an Agricultural information system for farmers. 

  • Design Researcher, Motorola,

    Mobile Experiences,

    Oct 2006-May 2008

    Mapped and identified Design led Mobile service scenarios within constraints of socio-economic and cultural aspects of India

Professional Activities

I actively Participate, Publish and Contribute to professional community. Here are some of the selected contributions.


- "Spirit of Innovation in Shenzhen": Talk at Shenzhen Design Week 2017, China
- “Crafting Hardware User Experiences” Workshop at UserFriendly 2015, China
- “A bit of Design Thinking for Developers” Talk at the GIDS 2011, India
- “HealthRadar” Talk at IID-VisionPlus 2010, National Institute of Design, India 
- "Location Based services in Emerging markets" talk at Helsinki Institute of Information Technology 2009, Finland

Patents & Publications

- 11 GRANTED US patents. Authored/co-authored 15+ filed patent applications in the area of Mobile Health, UI, Services, Language Input, App Sharing etc
- Chapter: Joshi D, Rath R: Experimental Research Approaches for Mobile UX in Emerging Markets, Book: Research and Design Innovations for Mobile User Experience, IGI publications 2013, USA
- Conference Paper: Jung Y, Joshi D, Narayanan V, Desai D: Solving the great Indic text input puzzle: Touch screen-based Mobile Text Input Design, Mobile HCI 2011, Stockholm, Sweden. - Journal Paper:
User Experience of Mobile Internet: Analysis and Recommendations, International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (IJMHCI) 09, July-September 2009, Vol.1, No. 3 - Joshi D, (2008).
- Experimental Interface to improve Mobile Internet UX, Position paper, workshop on Mobile Internet User Experience, Mobile HCI 08, Singapore.
- Seshagiri S, Sagar A, Joshi D, (2006). Connecting the Bottom of the Pyramid: an Exploratory Case Study of India's Rural Communication Environment presented at WWW07 conference, Banff, Canada.


- Nokia Inventor Oscars 2011 and 2009: 2nd Place, Outstanding performance in inventing.
- Nokia India Recognition (2011) as Top 3 Inventors, Outstanding performance in inventing and contributing to filing patent applications during the last 10 years.
Best participant Award by National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad – eMacmillan, for a program on Graphics design for effective packaging.

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